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Back in the days before airplanes and ubiquitous automobiles, people didn’t travel very far. Life on the farm kept them busy enough, and except for the occasional foray into town for supplies, or friend’s house for parlor games, you seldom went very far. It was an efficient and inexpensive lifestyle that allowed for maximum productivity.

What’s old is new again. The live-work-play campus is coming to Chatsworth. Known as 24 is a 660-unit luxury property with 255,000 square feet of creative office space, dining and retail and a full range of amenities on a multi-acre campus designed by KFA. The concept of 24 is somewhat like Google at Playa Vista- but the whole project is being built by a single developer.

24-community24 is unique because the entire project was, “Designed to address the stresses and opportunities of each day,” explains Jason Larian, co-managing partner at Uncommon. “For example, residential tenants can work nearby, eliminating their commute; run their errands in the retail plaza; and walk their dogs at the dog park. Our office tenants can relax by taking leisurely walks in nature, enjoy al fresco picnic lunches, and visit the gym after work onsite. And the surrounding community can attend cultural events like concerts and movie screenings designed to connect and entertain. We also achieve this vision with thoughtful site design making sure that each building and activation point is connected through a series of walkways filled with activities in every corner.”mga 24

Easy and green. The vision for 24 is to enhance the lifestyle of its residents and tenants. A prototype of how it all works can be seen in the way 24 is handling its anchor tenant, MGA Entertainment. Employees are being offered their first choice of units built on the property, as well as preferential rental concessions. The parent company plans on using a similar model with anchor office tenants at future iterations of live-work-play campuses.

24 features thoughtful site design; each building and activation point is connected through a series of walkways filled with activities in every corner to connect people living and working on campus. The plan is to program the spaces with activations and special events which help foster community.

24residenceChatsworth is one of the few places in L.A. County with enough land to build a live-work-play campus at an affordable price. The appeal is a neighborhood that is quiet, safe and picturesque, surrounded by rolling hills and rocky landscapes that you cannot find in the urban core of Los Angeles. Also it is relatively area close to communities with high net worth communities in the San Fernando Valley.

It will be interesting to see how the live-work-play concept evolves…Whether employees are enthusiastic, or feel like they have to spend more time in the office. It will discern if people are content staying in the same place. The live-work-play campus gives the idea of never having to leave home a whole new meaning.

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