By Jodi Summers Bravo! Europe’s largest solar power plant is now up and running in Rovigo, Italy. During its first year of operation, the 276-million Euro solar power project is projected to produce enough electricity for an estimated 17,150 Italian households. Created in partnership with First Reserve US-based firm, SunEdison handles the operations and maintenance […]

By Jodi Summers A recent British-Chinese study finds that if China improves energy efficiency and avails massive investment capital in renewable energies, the country will make a “full contribution” to global efforts to combat climate change, without sacrificing its economic growth. The analysis, China’s Energy Transition: Pathways for Low Carbon Development, by Tao Wang and […]

Edited by Jodi Summers An engineering school has published a list of what they consider to be the 50 greenest buildings in the world – and the Alamaden Tower in San Jose wins! A SoCal property came in fourth – the Robert Redford Building, home of the Natural Resources Defense Council 1314 2nd Street in […]

THE GREENEST CITIES IN THE WORLD   Edited by Jodi Summers   We like lists, it means a lot of research has been done. Today’s dynamic list is from Reader’s Digest;  they have come up with a list of world’s greenest, most livable cities. To compile this list, they have an alyzed data from two […]

More than $1Trillion Invested In Green Development By Jodi Summers Did you know that Toyota, Boeing and Samsung have each invested more than $4 billion in green technology? They’re part of a growing trend. Experts say that more than $1.248 trillion has been invested in green projects since 2007. Tallies are now available from the […]

ALE PICKS THE TEN MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY COUNTRIES Edited by Jodi Summers Every year, Yale University releases an Environmental Performance Index (EPI), calculating national environmental factors such as a country’s environmental health, air pollution, water resources and productive natural resources. So let us present to you the most recent top 10 winning countries who can […]