Love Berto, Broadway Liquor

by Jodi Summers Murals, sculptures and landscaping are all ways for a neighborhood to forge a collective identity, stimulate learning, instill a sense of pride and invites business. It purifies and greens a community’s sensibilities. Thank you to the grass roots movement, Beautify Lincoln. Since 2012, this team of volunteer artists have painted murals on […]


by Jodi Summers When the Carlsbad Desalination Plant commences operations in 2016, it will be the largest desalination project ever built in the Americas. The $1 billion Carlsbad Project took nearly 15 years to move from concept to construction, surviving 14 legal challenges along the way. It is projected to convert as much as 56 […]

by Jodi Summers Green loans have finally arrived for multifamily properties. Fannie Mae’s Green Rewards is a multifamily financing option that helps owners of apartment buildings and cooperatives invest in energy- and water-cost saving improvements. These investments should improve the value of multifamily properties and lower utility costs, saving money for both property owners and […]

energy-saving lightbulbs

by Jodi Summers According to the US Energy Information Administration the national average per kilowatt hour (kWh) is10¢. While 10 cents may not seem like much money, your electric bill shows that energy costs add up quick. Let’s see if we can’t save everyone some money with light bulb math. Let’s compare the true cost […]


by Jodi Summers Looking to add technology to your home? Tech products come in a huge range of options, from elaborate systems to simple additions one could purchase at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or the Apple Store for a few hundred dollars. What to get? First, choose a budget, then choose the most important features. Keep […]

An NFL Stadium in Carson

by Jodi Summers Los Angeles is assuming if they build an NFL-eminent stadium, a team will come. The thought is, if the Rams don’t come, maybe the Oakland Raiders will. Or the San Diego Chargers. Most of the talk surrounding team relocation is focused around Stan’s Rams, who have been unable to negotiate stadium renovations […]